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Bar Trivia

The most popular form of trivia. Three rounds of Questions that gradually get harder create a fun competitive atmosphere. During bar trivia night, we provide music and trivia entertainment. The music will vary based on the crowd. Fortunately, we’re very good at determining this.

We play three rounds of trivia, with 5 questions each round. After the first two rounds, the team with the highest points wins a prize. The prize is left for management to decide. Free drinks, food, appetizers, gift cards, and the like, are most popular. After the last round, the team with the highest points receives a grand prize. This is typically a larger gift card denomination.

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Bar Bingo

Bar Bingo is one of the easiest games to get patrons of all ages involved in playing. In Bar Bingo, we call bingo numbers, just like any other standard bingo game. We play four rounds of bar bingo. The first round is all numbers in a straight line up an down, or side to side. The second round is diagonal. The third round is an “x”, and the last round is the full sheet.

We provide the sheets and the dabbers for the patrons. Prizes for each round should be lower cost items, as we suggest playing back-to-back games for a set amount of time. During bingo, we like to play a mix of music, depending on the crowd.

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Music Trivia

Music trivia night is a great way for you to dig into your musical repertoire having fun and winning prizes. With trivia spans from 60’s to present utilizing classic big name bands, show-tunes, Musicals and one hit wonders we know and love.

The teams have to guess the song title, artist, and year it came out to earn points. At the end of each decade, the team with the most points wins a prize. We suggest a similar prize structure to that of bar trivia night. In between rounds, we like to get the bartenders involved in random trivia. This is another opportunity for patrons to win a prize. In this case, your lower cost items, such as draft beer, are the ideal prize.

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Event DJ

The only thing that makes a party or event better, is music!  From themed parties to bar tournaments, King Entertainment Group can turn any event into a party!  We make sure your guests are entertained all night by having a fun, energetic DJ!

We bring everything needed to deliver a music experience your guests will be sure to enjoy.  We’re equipped to handle any type of event, from a small gathering, to large events.

Needing some excitement at your bar? We’ll bring the party to you! Beer pong, cornhole, flip cup, and other fun tournaments!

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